Friday, December 20, 2013

Target 0.0.2: Status 3

As I've said previously there are some optimizations that are hard to find when they interact badly. If you face problems generating code, you should disable optimizations or try to reduce the errors and make a bug report.

Given this, I was fixed one that I could reduce the case. But at the end, I will recommend users to review get small cases as bug reports.

The MSIL and C++ code can be seen side by side and when the compile fails.

A snippet of the output code of an Prime number program:
// IL_0049: ldc.i4.1

// IL_004a: stloc.0

// IL_004b: nop

// IL_004c: ldloc.1
vreg_32 = local_1;

// IL_004d: ldc.i4.1

// IL_004e: add
vreg_34 = vreg_32+1;

// IL_004f: stloc.1
local_1 = vreg_34;

// IL_0050: ldloc.1
vreg_35 = local_1;

// IL_0051: conv.i8
vreg_36 = (System_Int64)vreg_35;

// IL_0052: ldarg.1

// IL_0053: cgt
vreg_38 = (vreg_36 > vreg_37)?1:0;

In this way you can see if any optimization interact badly with your CIL. Also, reducing the optimizations you will see the C++ code reflecting more the CIL code, and the more optimizations are added, the CIL and C++ code do go appart.

Int64 (aka long) type is also supported right now both as instructions (as conv.i8 or ldc.i8) and as optimizations (constant folding).

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