Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's box this and that

Roland, a great open-source developer joined CR with his expertise and I'm excited waiting for the new features will appear in future of CR. He also exposed some bugs in implementation and I was happy to fix them!

Some features:
- a simple implementation of auto boxing/unboxing is done
- optimizations are defined by category (no command line flag yet) but right now is possible to add just "propagation" optimizations, or just "constants folding" ones and so on
- some old optimizations were not using use-def optimizations, and right now they do. This means in short: they are a bit faster than in the past.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Status: Updates from time to time

This last month I did not have any commit as I was busy but I will try to give to CR some time. What I will try to address is mostly the maintanance of codebase as my (free) time is not always a thing I can guarantee.

So, in short what to expect:
- I want to cleanup some constructions: I am thinking mostly to make labels to use their hex notations. I will look if the CR works, because I made a bigger program and it looks CR fails (so be aware of this :( )
- I want to make a separate (example) backend/frontend: The idea is this: if anyone will have time, most likely CR will work with a rich C++ runtime (like Qt) to support some common classes. But it will be hard without knowing what is the front/backend job, or is to tweak the compiler
- I want to integrate in future to C# (most likely gmcs/csc) compiler: so you can run something like:  
[mono] crcs.exe <...>
and this code will be run the compiler frontend.
- In a longer future I want to add some unit tests

Please add me to Google+ and I will be glad anyone wants to make look into CR and is blocked in understanding how to work with the project. I will be glad to help and assist anyone working with the codebase.