Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Opinion: Talking ARM

AnandTech (a technology site) invited people to put questions regarding ARM's core A53, the 64 bit successor of A7 core (which is 32 bit and widely used in mobile phones today).

The lead designer was kind enough to answer it as of yesterday.

Which is the best part as for me?
They talked about the fact that ARM is scaled both down and up. This means that many software will need to extend to many places. I see it it will work on microservers, set-top boxes.

The high end ARM CPUs can have L3 cache (AMD 8-16 core CPUs were high end, and Intel goes with similar core counts) for designs to up-to 32 cores. It also looks that ARM pushes optimized GCC libraries and they are a contributor to it.

What means for CodeRefractor? Or for C#?
It doesn't on a short run. The good part of CR is in my view is that C++ runs optimized on most platforms correctly: from low end ARM to Asm.JS. This will work with fast everywhere.

This will mean in long term that most things that work on C#, will work on more hardware than CLR runs, or even it runs everywhere, you will have to work with many VMs. With C++ target of CodeRefractor output, you can make a simple build that will work everywhere.

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