Saturday, December 7, 2013

Target 0.0.2: Status 2

This is a small update (and the following ones will be also somewhat small as the close to New Year holidays will come) but important:
- after the latest changes I've noticed that some optimizations interact badly but I did not have time to debug all. So right now is enabled a smaller subset of optimizations and I would be really glad if someone has time to look into them (why they are failing). Optimizations are really important to make sure that programs perform fast, but the hardest part is to make all simplifications or analysis correctly
- after the bad piece of news, there is also a good piece of news: derived classes in which the data is stored along many classes (like you have class CoordinateXyz and a class Vector: CoordinateXyz, the class), the code will be stored and displayed in a compatible binary layout. In the past, the fields of the base class were put after the fields of the principal class. The logic of fields analysis is extracted into a class named TypeDescription

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