Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Skipping release 0.0.2 - jumping to 0.0.3

As for Git commits, you will see some activity in the last week. Anyway the single key features if you follow the Git repository are all reached (to some extent) and all were proposed for 0.0.2:
- better field matching
- auto-properties do work
- better delegates and generics (top Git code is broken now, look why in the 0.0.3 feature set)
- fixes in some cases like math with various sizes
- most optimizations (especially escape analysis) work over more code patterns

As many programmers know code fixing takes time and I took this time, but I will not pack an installer for 0.0.2 as I found that some features are important to be implemented in a different way and there is no support yet (and request) to make a release package, so why do it?

The changes of 0.0.3 will be:
- visibly faster compilation: use-def code will be computed and updated on changes, and not computed on every optimization. The current code is already in the Git repository
- more fixes (of course expect a breakage in the first time)
- the Dynamic-Invoke mechanism should be more fleshed out
- generics will fully use templates <T> instead of using specializations. This translates into a single compilation of one function (from CR side). If you will define a class List<T>, the old code will create List_Int32, List_String, etc
- expected: a fully inter-procedural optimization which tracks over whole program the function calls. This will allow some very powerful optimizations that are used today into GCC's LTO. This can be done just if is it guaranteed that the compilation speed is improved.

As for this release I would expect a "release" time around May/June 2014.

If you want to get more features, you are encouraged to add every small fix. They really add up and can make the users to enjoy using CR.

So in short, if you think that CR can in future match your needs, and even if you find it a bit overwhelming, try to add some fixes or add a new feature like:
- improve command line flags: to support more compilers/OSes. Many fixes are really one or two days of work (maybe less)
- try to make an application from simple to complex and see where CR crashes. Try to add support for that specific instruction. Is it much easier to follow one instruction than to look for entire cases. Try disabling (by commenting, before looking how to set a lower level in optimizations) all optimizations
- add support for a class in .Net using the Dynamic-invoke support. For example add File.ReadAllText(...) and to work at least for some basic codes. Add after that File.ReadAllLines(...)
- try to make an OpenGL application and see what is not supported (you have a sample application in the Git repository)
- try to add an optimization step: make your class that checks a condition of the instruction set. For example if you divide by 0.5, to replace it by multiply with 2.0. Try to add more optimizations like this.
- automate buids and make yourself a packaged installer
- make a MonoDevelop/VS plugin to automate launching of CR against a project
- anything else (that is really welcomed)

CR is free for use (free as in price and freedom) and you are free to customize it for your future needs.

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