Saturday, February 15, 2014

Target 0.0.3: Status 2

CR backend C++ code generator functionality is extracted. This will reduce the logical dependencies and simplifies some sections of the code. There are also improvements to make Generics to generate templates.

Anyway, this functionality cannot be done in all cases so I will have to find in future a work around. In short the problem is the following. Let's say we want to implement a class like MyData<T>, and T can be either a struct or a value. If T is a class type, it has to have separate logic than struct type. The reason is that in future, reference types have to have extra information to identify these types, a "typeId" integer type. As MyData<int> has no typeID necessary, and MyData<T> may need to keep the typeId of the specific type. Even if we share the typeId and in the case of Struct code will be a no-op, it still doesn't offer a nice solution if the MyData<T> has the new() constraint.

In short:
- there will be an improvement in future that will make generics to work with templates, but the today's code with Generics will do generate incomplete types (so you will get compiler errors). In fact many of these errors are medium complexity, and fixes are always welcome
- code is separated to make easier to understand how the C++ code is generated, this component is a smaller Dll

As a future improvement I would expect to try to (incompletely) implement the TypeId system: all classes defined as references will have an int that uniquely identify their types. This implementation detail is critical to make some instructions to work: is/as, boxing/unboxing and virtual/interface calls.

Update: CodeRefractor works with Linux/Mono (I tested with OpenSuse, but other distro do work nice too). If you use Linux you basically have to do the following:
- make a clone of Git repo
- Enable this repository on Suse, Fedora, or any supported distro: (or build a recent Mono/MonoDevelop by yourself, at least 4.0.x)
- open CodeRefractor.sln and run it under "Debug | Mixed platforms"
If you prefer command line after the initial build is done you can try to use it with:
mono cr.exe <any Mono/.Net exe>
I am really impressed of the quality of Mono tools and as for you, if you wanted to work on CR but you never knew that it runs on Linux, right now you know!

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