Friday, January 24, 2014

Tutorial of how to test/build Code Refractor locally

I thought that adding a small tutorial how to compile/build CodeRefractor may be useful to be seen for various readers of this blog.

So the steps are in brief:
Go to CR Git page:

Take a git client (if you don't have one)

Open the root solution (.sln) file in the root folder!

To edit the source you should use one of the following IDEs:
Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express
SharpDevelop (I recommend nightly builds)
MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio (especially if you want to compile it on a Mac/Linux).

 If you don't know any step, feel free to comment. If you feel there are issues and you want to sort yourself and you want a step-by-step video, this video is here:

CR is still at an early stage but is starting compiling more and more stuff.

If these videos will be popular (at least by make it worth to do more), I will add some more. At the end, I really hope you will like using CR!

Update: there was a small runtime error, this error was fixed in the last Git snapshot. Anyway, look into your code if it compile and try to figure out why it doesn't if there are any problems.

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