Thursday, August 29, 2013

Status update: Part 5

This is a bit earlier update but noteworthy:
- optimizations are rewritten using an Usages&Definitions (although is not an Use-Def chain) which makes optimization step more precise and with less duplicated code
- the speed is put on par with simple optimizations that were before
- boolean operations and all found simple expressions are evaluated at compile time
- similarly fixes are added for pure functions evaluation (functions with mathematical expressions and simple operations) so they are called with constants

So, all things that were planned are done before time.

There are two areas I am planning to work in longer future, one is a regression and one is a new feature:
- strings are not working from the moment I removed the backed C library support, I will need to workaround some C speciffic using the CR's OpenRuntime design
- Delegates, and Delegates from PInvoke

If you find some areas that you think are more important to work at, write me privately at ciprian (dot) mustiata (at) gmail com.

There is still no release done (no 0.01) and if you know how to do installers and have time to pack the release, it would be great as I will publish it as a release. For now fixing bugs is for me more important than a release (not to say that release is not important, but as there are still critical features missing, some people will complain for it's state, so I don't think is releasable, excluding if someone wants a release to contribute back),

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