Thursday, August 22, 2013

Status Update: Part 4

This month was hectic for me, but either way, you can see some updates in the CR.

* first and foremost, there was a bug fix so that PInvoke calls to other than StdCall convention call to work. This bug is critical to have an working PInvoke. As PInvoke is fixed, the other big missing part is: Delegates and a way to call a callback using a delegate (a fairly common pattern in wrapper libraries like OpenTK)
* a simple purity checker for functions was written, so if you have simple math operations in a function, you may expect that the function if is called with constants will be evaluated at compile time
* a bit improved framework for optimizations analysis was added, though the code is not as good as the previous generated code, but willl catch up. The noteworthy optimization: "remove dead store" is implemented, which will make the dead code elimination more aggressive
* some bugs were discovered and they will be addressed in the next iteration
* I will define the optimization part as a thesis project, (a thesis which can be read inside the Git repo, for interested) which will mean that in many cases the optimizations (up to one year from now) will be more robust and more powerful

What I plan to do next:
* bug fixing
* catch up on optimization front
* make sure that (almost) all simple math expressions are evaluated at compile time. Right now, small misses are here and there, like:
x = (double)2; 
is not rewritten as:
x = 2.0;
which in turn disables in some codes other optimizations

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