Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reifying DSL for FlatCompiler

An important part of FlatCollections is the part that at least memory wise code can be rewritten only a little to get big speedup and fewer GCs. But as always there were tradeoffs. One of them is that the code itself was hardcoded to give a ListOf<T> (with a reified name like ListOfPoint3D) and a cursor out of this list.

This is all great but what if the List<T> should contain an extra method? Or what if there is a need to generate an extra method for every getter/setter? For this reason there is a simple (I hope) template generator which has reified semantics which for now works only for classes but is really important.

To define a flat type, you would write something like:
flat Point3D {
  X, Y, Z: double
And the new code will be aware of these fields to be filled later.

The code generator is filled using a templated form as following:
each fieldNames : fieldName, index {
    sub set@fieldName (TValue value) {
        _list.set(_offset+ index,  value);

    sub get@fieldName (): TValue {
        return _list.get(_offset+index)
Sure, the code look a bit strange, but it does the job most of the way, and there are items as TValue and so on, they are resolved semantically:
class FlatCursor<T> {
    where {
        TValue = T.valueType
        fieldNames = T.fieldNames
(...) //class content

But the solving appears because of a semantic magic:
specialize ListOf { Point3D }
I would love to improve it more in future, but mileage may vary.  But the most important part is that soon the reification can work fairly smart and more I add logic into this mini-compiler, the more constructs may be supported and bugs found.

Read the latest code under GitHub project:

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