Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vampire Logic - my team's entries

I was participating to create 3 apps using Microsoft Universal Apps APIs over a zombie competition (hackatlon). My ad-hoc team (Vampire Logic) did really well there.

Source code for these 3 (working) apps (in categories Productivity/Games/Educational) were created in 18 hours combined (around 6 hours per app, give or take).

Productivity: an image editor with camera support, Modern UI, live preview and infinite Undo levels:

Game: a zombie ship fights in a top-down shooter with animated background. It uses efficiently a Canvas control and fluent animations using only standard Universal Apps code

Educational: An interactive math game where the harder and harder math problems are given in limited time. How long will you survive?

The coding practices may be spotty at time, but excluding the fact that that the applications were written in only 6 hours (and was our first ever Universal App coding experience), all applications had no known bugs in the way coding was done (like no crashing, or solving errors just with big try-catches to hide them) or similar stuff.

Coding language: C#

Team members: Dāvis Sparinskis, myself, Linda Legzdiņa, Rudolf Petrov

Some photos with my team:

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