Friday, October 10, 2014

Don't trust (VM) benchmarks and how to spot bad benchmarks (II)

Here is somewhat a more realistic yet very bad benchmark:

In fact this is in a way the best benchmark you can get:
- it is presented the same sourcecode
- it is running on the same device

This benchmark is simply bad because it doesn't explain to you what it compares to nicely.

So how can you run the same code in two environment (like 2 compilers) and get 3 times slow down: when you don't compare the same thing. And here is why:
- the first contender is: the Xamarin "VM" is in fact IKVM running on top of Mono which runs in top of LLVM.
- the second contender is: RoboVM which runs on top of LLVM

So why such of a great difference? There are more reasons why: IKVM translates Java bytecodes into a translated CIL (MSIL) bytecodes and Mono's optimizer is running this bytecode through few passes and after this it gives it to LLVM. These translations do add overhead as they are not thought one for each  other. The biggest hit is on IKVM to CIL layer I would predict.

How RoboVM works: RoboVM takes Java bytecode and optimizes them using an academic framework (named Soot) which at the end outputs a faster version of the original Java bytecode and is outputting the same thing that LLVM wants/expects (SSA form).

In simpler terms: Xamarin is "quick interpreter" of Java byteocde, when RoboVM is an optimizing compiler of the Java bytecode. And at the end, is to be expected that Xamarin runs slower. Is not because Mono runs slow code (even it runs a bit slower than .Net, it produces fairly decent code), but is very likely that IKVM does not produce 1:1 code to Mono platform.

Understanding your compiler/platform is critical to make your code to run fast, not on the assembly level, but what the code expects and you can get really nice numbers.

To be clear: RoboVM is the best way to run Java on iOS by a wide margin, but I would say that if your decision is to pick for example RoboVM or Xamarin (and the licensing costs of Xamarin are not scarring you :) ), and you want to run RoboVM because it runs faster, you will be likely wrong. Write C# on Xamarin and you may likely run (a bit) faster than RoboVM.

I will make a future post why Java I think has a great opportunity in (near) future for desktop, performance wise, but I will will make a post how to create fast code running Java and things like this.

NB. Is any reader running Pi at home? Or any similar card-sized ARM based desktop. Can you run a small benchmark if I write for you some code? Contact me on Google Plus if yes. I am really curious how it perform when I will write the next post.

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