Monday, August 18, 2014

Some future plans

Few great contributions were arriving to CR, mostly that the compiler works with more string operations (the single limitation is that they ignore the CultureInfo part), but other than this, it is done.

Also, it is feature wise even it is buggy the most complete CR version ever. You have supported cases of virtual methods, a much clean defined architecture that is incremental, optimizations are using various scopes, from block level, to multi-function dead-code elimination.

So what I would expect in future to be done:
- expect no future improvements than bug fixes excluding someone has time to maintain the project
- I will refactor it slowly to support another runtimes (an old wish of mine), in special cases if CR can work with simple use-cases for your random use-case. Let's say you want to write a runtime so CR can work with embedded C++ compilers, or you want to define a new class special for your use-case
- I will support people which want to contribute and I want with this occasion to than to the people who contributed already: Ronald Adonyo and Bogdan Mustiata, two great developers. Ronald made it much easier and transparent the testing of the compiler and he made fixes all around the runtime; Bogdan added support for most string operations.

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