Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Small fixes - still hope for external support

In the last days I had some small time to look over the code. In short I want to explain the main change. In the past the CR compiler worked with a singleton CrRuntimeLibrary logic, meaning there cannot be two runtimes at the same time. Of course, this is the typical case, but as in (long) future, it would be nice to support a minimal runtime for some methods (I am thinking around mostly OpenCL) that give a separate output.

Also, this code is split in this way for ideological issues: it is easier to debug and maintain code without singletons. The bugs also show some small limitations how the code was handled in the past, and right now, the runtime can solve methods, giving a more clean case implementation.

There are bugs in TypeClosure logic (maybe I will explain when I have time what it means ;) ) but don't take the Git top code for now if you want working code!

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