Monday, November 11, 2013

Roadmap for 0.0.2

As all development for now was made by me, and as much as I can see, CR needs improvement and I would go into future planned features, I see some parts that do need improvement but as always, the way I see to improve CR is to improve the quality of the project.

First of all let's go into CR misses (and are a target for 0.0.2):
- generics are very limited. I would like to see more cases with generics and to make them working. Some code with generic classes is there, but not all combinations do work;
- some commits were done just after 0.0.1 in the Git repository, and I think there will be a primitive delegate support;
- the actual optimizer is inter-procedural but there is no global variable pool. I would hope to add support for it and try to add simple optimizations regarding this. In short if you will declare a global static int/double, even you don't specify that is it const, CR will try to infer this. If a global variable is not used, CR should remove it (this is important as CR doesn't support reflection or things of this sort)
- handle fields better: if you will use a class that the base class names a field the same as inherited class, CR will "merge" them incorrectly.
- it would be great that instance objects that are created and not used, to be removed (this is in fact a trivial optimization, but it has to take extra care for cases when static constructors do initialize states)
- try to compile a target application: an SDL/OpenGL application and fix all the found blockers.

What is not yet a target, and I encourage anyone interested into more tasks that are useful but not intersting at least for now for me:
- better command line handling: CR supports switching runtime by changing the assembly, switching the C++ compiler, etc.It would be really great if someone will make a consistent and nice command line handling
- integrate CR with C# (or VB.Net) compiler: create a small tool that will invoke C# compiler first (CSC.exe for Windows or MCS.exe for Linux/OS X) and CR later transparently for the user.
- support Linux/OS X/ 32-64 bit differences, ARM/MIPS CPUs: "just" checking if CR works on other platforms including various compilers takes time which I basically don't have. If you feel inclined to support a platform and you need my (minimal) support to setup it, I will be glad to give this minimal help to make it running. I will be glad to put patches to support various compilers or configurations, so if you want to use boost::shared_ptr instead of std::shared_ptr and you write on your end the patches, I will be glad to include them upstream, but I'm not interested to support by myself anything else than my machine
- better support for the mapped runtime: add complete String class, or List<T> or Dictionary<K, T>, etc; this is 
- VTable support, exceptions, Reflection support, Linq and lambdas, "if you will implement this I would use CR..." kind of stuff. The reason for that is simply: I either don't have time or interest to support this (or most likely both), and many times I've noticed that fixing some small items at a time make some parts to work by themselves, like support for properties is working now, and even there is no VTable, better static code analysis can remove (for at least some usages) the need of VTables. Would it be great to have them? Yes, as long as a developer (aka "you" - the community) adds support for it.

As a timeline I hope that 0.0.2 will be released around March or April 2014, but it may be earlier. From time to time (in the past was like a bi-monthly issued) I will write status reports with prefix: "Target 0.0.2: Status ..." where the Git tracked development is described. This is good for you to follow them if you are technically inclined to read an "internals" digest of them.

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