Sunday, September 22, 2013

Status update: Part 7

New instructions are implemented but somewhat are done partially:
- ldftn instruction is implemented (a bit hackish) for now, and is a crucial part of making delegates work
- similarly, ldelema instruction is implemented which is very important to make unsafe code (with pointers) to work

But on the same time, I reorganize the code to work around the type system and this will make that triggering this code will do a code that will (basically) work for these instructions but the program to fail by including partial code.

In time they will work, but are not in proper state (as for now).

As an experience of these implementations I found that CR needs a lot of small fixes and testing, and as I will add support for more instructions (or bigger features), will likely slow down the development because I will have to make sure it will not regress.

If you have time and you want as an user to invest it, try to do the following:
- take the sources from: (you have: "download zip" option, if you don't know how to clone, or you don't want to clone it)
- make a small program inside SimpleAdditions solution
- you will likely (if you will do it right away) get some compiler errors
- report them either here (on the blog) or on the GitHub issues page:

It is very important for me which (small) programs you're running as I can focus testing them. If you know C#, even you don't understand how a compiler works, you can help this project in small or large.

I make this post of asking for help as CR is not backed financially by no entity (the single part is backed is only my free time), so just contributing to it will possible become a project useful for users (like for example some developer to write OpenGL games in C#, and later to recompile them to a platform with no support of C#, or to not pay a license of Xamarin Studio).

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