Monday, July 1, 2013

Status Updates (I)

More work has been done to advance the compiler and the runtime but for the first time inside the repository there are some user-visible changes (still there is no downloadable package but this will be improved soon).

Bug fixes:
- bug fix: there were cases when using the CROpenRuntime C# and the C++ methods in the same source code: (like Console.WriteLine(double) and Console.WriteLine(float) ) will make the final code to write the WriteLine(double) twice) , right now the WriteLine(double) is just once added.
- PInvoke calls for very simple calls are executed correctly. For loading the native code it is used a Windows only (LoadLibrary, GetProcAddress) implementation (which works 32 and 64 bit), but the equivalent Linux/OS X (dlopen, dlsym) was not yet done. Also, there is no marshaling yet
- ldtoken: this happens because when you initialize a long array using array initializers, .Net will use a memory copy from an assembly address. This requires a constant array table. Because we are executing ahead of time, the implementation does one thing which .Net implementation doesn't, namely it merges these data, and the executing code will point to an index in this array table.
- in the past the dispatch of instructions was done by their string upcode. But right now, at least some of them are using the direct value upcode. This translates into a bit faster lookup. I will move more instructions in the next iteration.
- the compiler starts with Mono and MonoDevelop from latest Linux Mint version (Olivia): small version changes in solution were done. The Linux support is not complete, but for people wanting to try, test and tweak it, it is a small step in a small direction
- there is an Inno Setup script. This will mean that there will be somewhat soon an installer.
- there is a compiler launcher UI:

Picker of input assembly and output exe
Pick the compiler options

- the command line logic is done, meaning that you can pick right now the input/output assembly, an assembly for reading the runtime (most likely the default will be fine)

As I will be in holidays, most likely July will be a fairly empty month in progress, but most likely I will go into bug fixing, and I will try to smooth the way for the first installable package (Windows only).
The longer time roadmap would be:
- support for unsafe code
- try as a target to compile a Pinta effect (which is not multi-threaded).
- support for switch keyword (opcode)
- (later) add support for delegate and MultiCastDelegate. Without it, most of goodness of Lambdas, Linq, or just calling callbacks are not possible.

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